Hi, I’m Sharni Knighton, and I'm passionate about helping women all over the country to feel the most beautiful version of themselves, and that’s why I developed my two specialist brands, SK Hair Extensions & Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions/enhancements. 

I have over 20 years of experience in the hairdressing industry and have taught stylist from all over the world. 

Being a salon owner and a hair extensions specialist for 13 years meant that I met many women suffering from many forms of hair loss, this inspired me to develop my own skills and specialise in treatments focusing on these wonderful women. 


About SK Hair Extensions


I developed my own brand of hair extensions because I wanted to give my clients the best quality of hair, and that is comfortable to wear whilst looking sensational.

My SK Luxury Hair Extensions do just that and are made from the highest grade of  Remy human hair from rural Russia.

Each hair extension is double drawn, and a consistent thickness from the root to tip and are discreetly integrated into your own hair, resulting in the most stunning fullness and volume without ever compromising the conditions of your natural hair.



About Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions


A third of women in the UK are suffering from some degree of hair loss, for a variety of reasons. After previously being unable to help these clients with traditional hair extensions, it became my passion for creating a hair integration system that is suitable. 

My hair integration system includes a dynamic looped mesh process which has been developed so that it is comfortable to wear permanently.

Day to day The system looks natural to the naked eye and can be styled and treated like your own hair. 


After outgrowing my hair salon I opened the doors to my private studio, and I really am proud to offer a beautiful calm and safe space, where I treat each client on a one to one basis, in complete privacy.


I hope that when you wear SK hair extensions or mess integration system that you leave with new confidence, that brings out the most powerful and beautiful version of you!