Hi, I’m Sharni Knighton the founder of Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions and Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions.

I am passionate about helping women all over the country to feel the most beautiful version of themselves and that’s why I developed my two specialist brands, Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions & Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions.


About Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions


I developed my own brand of hair extensions because I wanted to give my clients the best quality of hair and  that are comfortable to wear whilst looking sensational.

My Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions do just that and are made from the highest grade of  Remy human hair from rural Russia. Each hair extension is double drawn and a consistent thickness from the root to tip and are discreetly integrated into your own hair, resulting in the most stunning fullness and volume without ever compromising the conditions of your natural hair.



About Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions


A third of women in the UK, are suffering from some degree of hair loss, for a variety of reasons, and after previously being unable to help these clients with traditional hair extensions it became my passion to create a hair integration system that is suitable. 

My hair integration system includes a dynamic looped mesh process which has been developed so that it is comfortable to wear permanently.  Day to day The system looks natural to the naked eye and can be styled and treated like your own hair. 


Sharni Knighton Hair Loss Solutions Clinic launched in 2019, and I really am proud to offer a beautiful calm and safe space, where I treat each client on a one to one basis, in complete privacy.



My hope is that when you wear my hair extensions or mess integration system that you leave with a new confidence, that brings out the most powerful and beautiful version of you!


                                                    Sharni Knighton x

Why choose Kismet Luxury Hair?

Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions have been created using the highest grade of Russian Remy hair. The hair is carefully collected and double drawn and it's this technique that makes our hair thick and full from root to tip. Kismet hair will last 12 months if the correct aftercare is undertaken.

Kismet's tiny copper lock system requires no heat, no glue, no sewing or braiding and causes no stress or damage to your natural hair. Our extensions look and feel just as natural as your own hair and are just as comfortable to wear!

The system has been carefully designed to preserve the integrity of your natural hair whilst adding volume and length without having to worry about the long term effects. Kismet extensions blend incredibly well with natural hair and are virtually undetectable to the eyes. The 'inspire' range is available in a variety of sizes, lengths and colours.

Each fitting will last 10/12 weeks depending on the natural hairs growth rate and density, After this time the hair would be removed re-tipped and refitted. Kismet luxury hair will last up to 12 months with the correct aftercare.

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair since the cuticles are kept intact unlike most other non-remy hair extensions. In contrast, Remy human hair is collected through a method in which the hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew. The term Remy hair means that all cuticles must lie in the same direction. This prevents friction on the cuticles and stops them from catching and dragging on other cuticles which causes frizzing and tangling.


More reasons why Kismet Luxury Hair Extensions are so great include:


Russian hair is the best due to genetics and the diets eaten by these woman.

- Russian hair is finer and softer which is why it blends perfectly with western hair so well
- The hair is full from root to tip
- Kismet hair is double drawn, this means any hairs that are shorter than the required length are removed and replaced with new hair, this is why our hair is full right from the root to the tip
- Because our hair is double drawn this give the clients thicker, fuller looking hair yet allows them to wear less strands meaning the hair is gentle on the scalp and comfortable to wear

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