I developed my own brand of hair extensions because I wanted to give my clients the best quality of hair that is discreet and comfortable to wear whilst of course, looking sensational.

 I hope that you can feel like the most confident you possible x

 SK hair extensions are made using Russian Remy hair, Russian hair has a similar texture to western hair, this means that the hair doesn’t have to go through the many chemical processes that are needed when we are trying to smooth and soften hair sourced from other parts of the world such as China where the hair is much thicker and more course.

My carefully sourced hair is made from the highest grade of  Remy human hair from rural Russia. Each hair extension is double drawn, and a consistent thickness from the root to tip and are discreetly integrated into your own hair, resulting in the most stunning fullness and volume without ever compromising the conditions of your natural hair.

This Means you wear less hair, but it looks fuller. SK hair comes in many bespoke shades and styles including mixed blonds, rooted shades and balayage.

SK hair will last up to 12 months if taken care of correctly; you must follow all of the aftercare in the aftercare section for the hair to be at its best for as long as possible.

The aftercare helps to keep not just the hair in good condition; it also is to maintain the integrity of the tips of each strand.


 I believe Hair should give you confidence and be an enhancement of the women you already are.

For me, this means having the most beautiful discreet natural looking and feeling hair extensions.

SK hair extensions will not only make you feel amazing but help you to take care of your natural hair, allowing it to grow without compromising its integrity in any way.





















I-Tips are a lightweight application method that uses microscopic copper locks to attach each 1 gram strand of hair to 1 gram of natural hair. This method is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and if the correct aftercare is followed will not comprise the natural hair.

ITips are worn for 10/12 weeks and then fully removed and refitted.


SK Hair extensions can be refitted for up to 12 months.

I-Tips require, No heat, No glue, No braids and no sewing.





















The seamless weave is an ultra-discreet weave method, which has no visible connections.

The method is comfortable and discreet from the top and bottom section and can even be worn in a high ponytail; This makes it very popular with women who have a busy lifestyle or love to go to the gym.

Each weave is bespoke to each clients hair and needs with two options available for the track; The weave is then attached using a discreet sewing method.


Seamless weave requires No glue No heat.  


The weave is worn for around 8/10 weeks and is then removed and refitted. 






















My mesh Integration systems are the perfect hair replacement and hair extensions method for women who have weak and fragile hair, and women who suffer from many forms of hair loss and Alopecia. This method uses a mesh to create a base for a

closure and hair weave to attach to. 

The mesh creates a solid connection with no tensions being placed on the natural hair.

The method can be bespoken to each client and can be used as a full system or to cover finer or weak areas such as the parting

or missing patches of hair.


The system requires No glue and No heat. It is breathable and allows the natural hair to grow underneath. 


The system is worn for 10/12 weeks and then removed and refitted. Clients visit me between 4/6 weeks for a tightening appointment.


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