BLUSH 100% Mulberry Silk face mask

BLUSH 100% Mulberry Silk face mask


100% Mulberry Silk Reusable Face Covering, a luxuriously soft face mask designed for supreme comfort. 

Both side of this beautiful mask uses 100% Mulberry Silk, thickness, softness and durability. The elastic ear loops allow for a perfect fit for comfortable, long-term wear. 

Sk Silk re-usable face covering is neither a medical device nor a personal protective equipment (PPE). It should not be used by healthcare professionals, in healthcare/clinical environments or settings or when the use of a medical device or ppe is required. Silk face coverings are not designed to prevent or protect from any form of risks to a person's health or safety, illness or disease (or otherwise).



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 Warnings: Do not use this face-covering on:

Young children under age 2; any person who has trouble breathing; and any person who is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance. 


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